The new decade is here, and everyone is eager to know where the trends are going. The wedding trend report of 2020 is out and here is the low down on big-day cakes…


What’s hot:


Cakes with various kinds of textures – whether it’s royal icing paint smudges, wafer paper whisps or fondant moulds, look for patterns that give the cake some je-ne-sais-quoi in the ambient light at the wedding venue.

Hand painting

Edible paint is all the rage at the moment. Designers have recently started taking their paint brushes to their cake canvases. You could be inspired by romantic chintz and shabby chic, or the bold and beautiful, but don’t be afraid to add some splash of colour to your cake. It could even be incorporated in detailing in the cake some as the calligraphy used for your initials. Paints can be bright or muted. The new favourite this year is metallic rose gold.

Royal icing

Going back to the traditional art of hand piping. Brides are now looking towards extravagant cakes with multiple layers, but using royal icing in a way that adds a modern twist. Royal icing can be used to pipe modern florals and patterns onto fondant. You can even add details from the wedding dress, the venue, the invitation. Royal icing has many strengths, and because it is hand piped, it is a powerful tool for any fantasy design.


Yes, we all love this period of history for its ornate beauty. And what better than to have a towering cake adorned with beautiful baroque swirls and filigree. This type of style goes hand in hand with gold leaf touches and can add a lot of grandeur to a cake.

What’s old news:

We don’t like to put things in this category at La Maison De Kait, because a beautiful cake is never “old news”. But according to the wedding trend report, cakes as an after-thought, is what’s out.

Cakes are going bigger, bolder and more beautiful. They need to make a visual impact on the wedding day and get guests talking. They are the show stopping centre piece of the big day. The roaring 2020s are calling for roaring cakes!