10 Do’s and Don’ts of wedding cakes:

So you’ve set the date at your dream venue for your big day, and the next big question after your wedding dress will be the cake. It will be the central focus of your celebration hall, and all eyes will look upon the cake that represents you both as an official married couple. THAT photo of the golden couple as they cut the cake together; their first joint step before the rest of their lives together.

It’s a very important moment, so here’s a list of 10 do’s and don’ts to consider when planning your wedding cake:


  1. Do plan your budget

Cakes are not a homogenous product. Any budget can yield a beautiful cake, but it will give your cake designer a good idea of how big or elaborate you can go within your amount. It’s also very easy to go above budget when it comes to cake, so make your line and work with your cake designer to work within that amount. You may want to keep a buffer budget for unexpected extra’s such as extra added flowers or a bit of va va voom.

  1. Do tastings

Wedding cakes are no longer traditional fruit cakes. Couples now venture into all sorts of flavours. Definitely don’t skip the tasting session as this will give you a good idea into the flavours which you both like, and you may even find new flavours that you enjoy! All reputable cake designers will invite you for a cake tasting before you have to choose your flavours.

  1. Don’t forget the Dubai heat and humidity

Weather can be the enemy of any cake, and as a result can be a limiting factor for cake ingredients or cake design! For example, fresh cream cake for a dubai wedding, definitely not recommended! If it is hot or humid, this can also impact sugar-flowers or decoration therefore provisions of storage will have to be made on the day and whether the cake will be sitting indoors/outdoors and for how long. Do get the facts on frosting before you also decide your flavours.

  1. Don’t shy away from false tiers

This is a very under-discussed topic and almost taboo dare I say. I might ruffle some feathers with this but here we go….. So, fake layers are a bit like hair or eyelash extensions, so long as your stylist can make it look real and glamourous, go for it. But choose your designer wisely, the last thing you want is a cake with contrasting layers that are obviously fake and some which are obviously real. Keep it classy and keep people guessing! No one wants too much real cake that need be, but we all love volume and glamour. A lot of today’s wedding hair (or do I mean cake?) consists of false layers. But don’t they just make the photos eternally memorable?

  1. Do work closely with your cake designer

Do work with your designer to coordinate your cake with your event/dress/flowers. This way it will be more beposke and tailored to you. Insist on sketches so you can see what you are getting and you can add/change whatever you need. Do take the liberty to provide colour swatches so that your designer can tailor your cake to compliment your event.

  1. Do book early

Rome wasn’t made in a day and neither is cake! Cake decorations take time to make and more time to dry before they can be placed onto the cake. Therefore be wise and book early to avoid disappointment.  As with anything when making something bespoke, you need time to plan and create. The earlier you book, the more time you will have to design your cake to make it perfect, and don’t forget to bag your favourite designer before they get booked out.

  1. Do match the height of cake to the venue

Depending on the height of your venue, you should match your height of cake accordingly. Lower ceilings should have fewer tiers otherwise a cake might seem over-imposing. With higher ceilings, try to opt for more tiers otherwise your cake could have an underwhelming impact.

  1. Don’t copy a design, be unique

Planning your perfect cake, you may already have your sights set on a beautiful wedding cake which you spotted in the magazine or online, but don’t be tempted to outright copy it. Remember to be unique and work with your designer to make your own cake unique to you! What’s so special about someone else’s copied design… it’s only as good as second best after all!

  1. Have your cake and eat it too

Most importantly, after all the hard work and planning that has gone into your dream cake for your dream day, don’t forget to enjoy a slice on the day! Get the event manager to save you a slice so you can enjoy at end of the day in your room.

  1. Do save a memento from your wedding cake

We no longer save the top layer of the wedding cake, as times have changed. If you are one of those people who love special memento’s then you should definitely let your designer know and plan accordingly to save a little something from your cake. People usually choose either a cake topper or sugar flower.